Knob’s Explained

Here is a brief explanation of how my knobs work:

All Skateboard ones that are listed are stock and you will receive the one listed (this is why there is a load of out of stock knobs).

All other knobs are made to order so allow 2 weeks build time.

For engraving and dimples on skateboard knobs contact me.

If there isn’t one to your taste contact me and I will see what I can do for you.

The video below shows a overview of the two standard shapes I offer and how fitment works.

If your car has a lift reverse lockout I can fit these 3 types with my standard lift reverse knobs.

  • VWT5
  • Subaru WRX and other Subaru’s with lift reverse
  • Ford Focus and Transit (I’m sure other Ford’s have the same mechanism but check with me first).

If there is anything not mentioned here contact me

Contact Link


Here is a list of common cars and their relevant Thread sizes.

This list is not extensive and just because it is not listed does not mean I cannot make a knob that fits.

Please check the thread or sizes as your car may be different. If it is wrong I can send a replacement adaptor.


Beetle (52-61) – Manual – M10x1.5

Beetle (62-67) – Manual – M7x1

Beetle (68-79) – Manual – M12x1.5

 T1 Bus (52-67) – Manual – M10x1.5

 T2 Bus (68-79) – Manual – M12x1.5

 T3 (T25) Bus (79-85) – Manual – M12x1.5

T3 (T25) Bus (85-92) – Manual – M14x1.5

 T4 Bus (90-03) – Manual – M14x1.5

 T5 & T6 Transporter (03-18) – Manual – Lift reverse see Listings for T5 knobs

 Mk1 golf (74-83) – Manual – M12x1.5

 Mk2 golf (83-91) – Manual – M12x1.5

Mk3 Golf and later – Manual – 12mm Straight Shaft (There are a few gearboxes with a larger shaft please check before ordering)


Manual – M12x1.25

Automatic – M8x1.25


Manual – M10x1.25

Automatic – M8x1.25


Manual – M10x1.25


Manual – M12x1.25

Automatic – M10x1.25


 Manual – M10x1.5


Manuals – M10x1.25


Most are 14mm Straight shaft. Contact me if otherwise


G50 Gearbox – 13mm Straight shaft

915 Gearbox – 15mm Straight shaft

Some Wevo’s – M14x1.5


Classic Mini:

Manual – 5/16 UNC

Modern Mini:

Manual – 14mm Straight Shaft